Hardcore Icon Sandman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6' 2"
244 lbs
Signature Move
White Russian Legsweep


Many hardcore wrestlers find their names lost to the sands of time. Sandman is not one of those. A true legend in hardcore wrestling circles, The Sandman is a name that is spoken today, held in high regard for the no-nonsense wave of destruction that he unleashed upon a scene that didn't know what had hit it!

In 1PW, the Hardcore Icon would feud with fellow ECW icons Raven and Tommy Dreamer in a Raven's Rules Triple Threat Street Fight and go to a no-contest against Raven in a Raven's Rules Street Fight. His popularity would see him join Team 1PW at Know Your Enemy, taking on The Damned Nation.

With more than thirty years of in-ring action under his belt, could 1PW see the return of Sandman?