The Phoenix Jody Fleisch

London, England
5' 5"
195 lbs
Signature Move
Phoenix DDT


Jody Fleisch was a man who (along with his tag partner, Jonny Storm) ignited a passion for high-flying action that continues more than twenty years later! Flawless in the ring, even today, Fleisch has become known as the benchmark for his craft, rising high above anyone who would try to imitate his style.

From the very first 1PW, Fleisch was one-to-watch. He would face some of the best cruiserweights from across the globe and give more than an exceptional account of himself and his ability to the point where fans were being drawn away from the "imports" and towards the homegrown here and he's still doing that today!

1PW Acomplishments

1PW World Tag Team Championships - 1 Time